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Tiger or the Field?

That used to be the choice when deciding who you were going to pick for a major.  That's how dominant Tiger was.  Now, he has dropped to an incomprehensible 181st position in the world rankings and is a 33-1 long shot to win the US Open.  Given the current state of his game, you would be hard pressed to find someone who thinks he will win another tournament let alone a major.  And, talk of catching or beating Jack Nicklaus's record in majors is non-existent.  It's so far fetched at this point that it's simply not even a topic for consideration by the golf and sports talk "experts."  But I, for one, do not count him out just yet.  Golf is a very fickle game.  Tiger has amassed one of the greatest records every in a sport played by individuals and certainly knows what it feels like to not just win, but to suck all hope from his competitors.  I'll take the field this week.  However, I wouldn't be surprised if the day will come when we once again ask, Tiger or the field?