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When 'Golf happens'...

Ten holes into the round, you're playing well. After a long tee shot and an approach shot that puts you on the green on a par five in two, you three-putt. The next hole, still reeling from the three-putt, you push your tee shot right into the woods. After two shots at it, you're finally in the fairway. You end up leaving the hole with a triple bogey. Ugh! The round proceeds to go down hill from there.

Even the best of the tour players have this happen to them. Rory recently four-putted a green and proceeded to four-putt the same green a day later. Garcia was 12-under heading into #17 when he went long on his approach, then proceeded to chip into the hazard finishing with a triple bogey.

So how do you stop this madness? There are a couple of ways to approach it. 1) If there's a certain hole that has your number, play the hole differently. Choose a different club at the tee box to play safe. Maybe spend time on the range improving the shot that always gives you problems on that hole. 2) Create a solid pre-shot routine that will help you keep the round together when it seems like things are falling apart. Institute a certain swing thought, pre-shot routine, or a visual that will help you forget about the last shot. As you watch the tour players, you will notice that they go through the same routine before they hit each shot. Professional basketball players have a routine before a free-throw. Football place-kickers do the same thing prior to the extra point. Even tennis players have a routine before hitting the serve. What's your routine? Is it the same? What can you do to stay in the moment and put the last shot behind you? See your local PGA Instructor to help you with this so you stay positive and enjoy your round.

See you on the Links!