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Golden Turf

Here's a note our Superintendent and his team wish to pass on to you regarding our turf. When you're out for your next round of golf at Forest Greens you will notice the fairways to be a slightly golden color. It's not dead. It's what Bermuda grass does in the off-season when the soil temperatures drop below 60 degrees. It goes into its dormancy stage until the air warms up in the spring. The surface is still playable and you still get a good lie.

You may wonder why we have the Bermuda grass on the course. This type of grass is a superior playing surface. It's very tolerant to extreme heat and drought conditions as well as heavy traffic. It's also economically efficient to maintain helping to minimize costs.

So, don't let the brown or golden grass keep you from getting out! Enjoy your favorite golf course as there is plenty of great golf waiting to be played on those mild winter days!

We hope to see you on the links soon!